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The Hope and Healing Society at The Boston House was created to honor donors who have given at any level for five or more consecutive years.


2022 Hope and Healing Society


Anonymous (3)

Dolores I. Alberghini

Jonathan B. Allen

Suzanne Allen

Bette Aronowitz

Carliss Baldwin and Randy Hawthorne

Bruce and Rose Mary Balter

Paula Barilone

Bernadette Barnum

Terry Barros-Rodman

Chuck and Kerri Bean

Mary Belden

Mary Berkeley

Joseph and Susan Black


Howard Blum

David Bonney, MD

Michael and Anne Booker

Andy and Jenn Borggaard

Boston Children's Hospital

Cindy Braver

Lisa Brennan

Mark and Cindy Brizard

Dave and Patty Brooks

Samuel W. Brooks

Kathleen and Carl Brown

Nancy Brown

Maryanne and John Bumstead

Claire Burday

Bob Burwood

Tammy Camillone

Tim Campbell

Debra and Steven Carey

Jean and Frank Carlozzi

Judith Carlson

Robert Carroll and Lauren Bosco Carroll

John Ceglie

Katie and David Cekutis

Marie and David Chalmers

Randy Champagne

Peter and Sondra Chandler

Caroline and James Chapman

Dazully Charry

Laura Clark

Kimberly Collins

Cheryl Conlon

Ricardo and Rebecca Cordero

Patricia Corsi

Loren and Steve Costantino

Helen and Thomas Daley

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Wayne Davis

William Desmarais

Paul and Susan Devin

Carol Devlin

Anthony DiCicco

John and Charlene DiCicco

Paula and Ray Doherty

Nancy and Charles Donahue

Charlie Donahue and Sam Hamann

Kristen and Matt Donahue

Morgan Donahue

Melody Dorfman

Carol Downing

Janice and Philip Dumont

E.P. Clark Post 107 Inc. A.L.

Elaine Construction Company, Inc.

Amy and Scott Emerman

Dawn and Michael Emerman

Stuart and Michele Emerman

Susan Emerman

Matthew Engel

Patricia Enright-Pirrello

Peg Enright and Andrew Richards

Fall Classic Golf Tournament

Michele and Albert Filosa

Richard and Jane Filosa

Robert and Cheryl Fleming

Joan Forde

Jacob Freedman

Marilyn Garren

Peggy and Bob Garrett

Denise Gelberg

Barry Gershkowitz

Robert and Rosemarie Gianotti

Philip Giordano

Gladys W. Richards Charitable Foundation

Tony and Denise Glazier

Michael Goldman

Judith and Steven Gordon

Danny and Linda Gore

Deborah P. Grabler

Sharon Guadagno

Jennifer Guerra

Carol Hancock

Chris and Jessica Hancock

James and Kathleen Hancock

Luke Hancock

Martin and Laurie Hancock

Ted Hancock

Tim Hancock

Stephen P. Hanly

Toni Hanson

Wilma E. Hathaway

Brian Hawkins

Christine Hellauer and Curt Ollayos

Meagan Hennessey Costello

Sue Hicks

Jim and Laura Hopkins

Peggy and Peter Hoyt

Warren Hutchinson

Jeannette Iles

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Jacobs

Caitlin Johnson

Josephine and Bernard Wilkinson U.S. Foundation

Jamie Kallestad and Malia Chan

Joe Katz

Sheryl Katzman

Patti Elliott

Elie Khoury

Robert Killgoar

Deena L. Kimball

Mr. and Mrs. John Konopka

George and Lizbeth Krupp

Lawrence M. Kulla

Mark and Erin LaCasse

Lamb Family Foundation

Martin Lamkin

Linda and Paul Landry

Kenny and Sara Legault

Jennifer and Tom Levering

Amy Levine

Maureen and Stu Levine

Joyce Lewis

Jane Lifton

Lighthouse Cape Cod

Barbara Lightizer

Janet Lightizer

Lindsay Lovejoy

Katie and Kevin Lyons

David and Heather Mack

Michelle Mackin

Peggy Malumphy

Marz Mechanical

Pauline Mattes

Janet Maund

Mary E. McCann

Daniel M. McCarthy

Caitlin McDermott and Christopher Stoppiello

Laura McGonagle

P.J. McGrail

Medical Information Technology, Inc.(MEDITECH)

Maurice Melchiono

Helaine Meyers

MFS Properties Inc.

Albert Millus, Jr. and Mary Walsh

Curt and Kathy Morley

Morris M. Rand Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Stacey Mullins

Jim and Liz Murray

Mohamed Nasser

David Nees

John and Theresa Nevers

Jack Newman

JoAnn Nicolo

Douglas and Tappen Noble

Beverly O'Meara

Bill and Elena Olin

Painting & Finishing Employers Association of New England

Doris Pavao

Ellen and Jonathan Payne

Nick Perry and Kate Sanborn Perry

Peter and Carmen Perry

Phyllis W. McGillicuddy Charitable Trust

Michael Picariello

Deborah Pierce

Kenneth R. Pollard

Deb and Gordon Pyle

Mark and Sarah Ray

Chris and Susan Raymond

David Riccardi

Cynthia Rice

Mrs. David E. Richards

Libby Roberts

Theodore Roberts

Daniel Robinson

Hazel and David Robinson

Joanne Robinson

Ron Rodericks

Jennifer G. Rogers

April and Ryan Romano

Anne Rothe

Leslie K. Roux

Roy A. Hunt Foundation

John Rudnicki

Jeff and Hilary Ryan

Anatoly and Marina Sapashnik

Alice Scharf

Albert Schneider

Joseph Scibilia

Chris and Kerrin Sears

Nancy Morgan Serpa

Hank Shafran and Toni Delisi

Brian and Jane Sheehan

Dawnmarie and Russell Shu

Joseph and Elaine Siegel

Ann Skibinski

LaMar and Laurie Smith

Mike Smith

Linda Stafford

Cody Stratton

Brett and Lindsay Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan

Diane and Ed Supple

Diane Tangen

John Tegan, Jr.

The Roger & Marguerite Schelling Charitable Fund

Dave and Karen Troup

Sylvia Trudeau and Andrew Trudeau

Lisa Tryder

Paul Tucceri

Nancy Tucker

Patrizio M. Urciuoli

Mark Usher

Ira Vishner

VPNE Parking Solutions

Roderick Wagner

Bob and Susie Walters

Westfield Capital Management Company LP

Lisa Wexler and Tom Monroe

Patricia White

Stephen and Melissa White

Carolyn R. Wichmann

Evan Willette

Jim and Phyllis Woltermann

Stanley Zube

Every effort has been made by The Boston House staff to ensure that the information included in this report is accurate and complete. If you note any errors or omissions, please accept our apologies, and notify The Boston House at (617) 734-3333 so that we may correct our records. Thank you.

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