On September 25, 2021, The Boston House had a team participating in the historic Rodman Ride for Kids for the first time. Rodman is a wonderful organization and we are delighted to have been asked to be one of their 42 partner organizations this year. Our 14 riders have raised over $21,000 to date, and will soon surpass our collective goal of $22,500! We are so proud of those who took the time to train and represent The House both on the Rodman course in Foxboro and in a remote capacity. Thank you for all you did to help us provide a no-cost home away from home for children with cancer and their families!


We are also grateful to those who were able to volunteer on the day of the race. We know our riders appreciated your support!


If you are interested in participating in the 32nd Rodman Ride for Kids in 2022, please reach out to The Boston House by calling us at (617) 734-3333 or emailing us at info@thebostonhouse.org.

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