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Health and well-being guide everything we do at The Boston House.

Given the increased spread of cases of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in Massachusetts, the New England area, and around the country, we are taking precautionary measures to help ensure the safety and health of our families, volunteers and staff.  We are in close and frequent contact with hospital personnel around how to keep families as safe as possible.


It’s important to note that there have been no known cases of the virus diagnosed within The Boston House community.

Special temporary measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure at our House include:

  • Additional health screening questions and exclusionary criteria for all guests entering The House

  • For the protection of our most vulnerable - young patients in active treatment - The House now has a vaccine policy

  • Two adult caregivers will be allowed to accompany any patient

  • If one adult is staying bedside overnight at the hospital, the other may stay at The House; adults may switch back and forth.

  • No visitors will be allowed in The House

  • Volunteer shifts will be suspended until further notice

  • Temporary suspension of:

    • House Dinners

    • House tours and House meetings

    • Accepting of non-essential donations such as toys and blankets

  • Limitations on vendors and deliveries. Only essential vendors will be allowed in The House, and will be screened with our screening questions.

  • Please note a temporary change in our phone hours - we can be reached at 617-734-3333 between 9am and 5pm est.


For more information about the Covid-19 virus please check the CDC website below:

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